In our game, you may have noticed that you always start at the back of the grid during races. While this may deviate from the traditional Q1 Q2 RACE order of MotoGP, there are reasons behind this decision.

Through user testing and research, we discovered that starting at the front of the grid often limited the opportunity for passing and excitement during the race. To create a more thrilling and engaging race experience, we decided to start you at the back of the grid. This allows you to enjoy the exhilaration of overtaking numerous opponents throughout the race.

You might be concerned about the difficulty of placing well in the race due to starting at the back. Rest assured, we have carefully balanced the race difficulty to ensure that highly skilled players on top bikes can still achieve first place. Rookie bikes perform similarly to backmarker bikes, while professional riders like Rossi mirror their performance in MotoGP.

To improve your race results, there are two main approaches. Firstly, practice hitting your braking and acceleration points with better accuracy. Secondly, consider upgrading your bike's stats. Both methods can enhance your placing, but remember that the most important measure in the game is your overall score.

Nevertheless, we have already implemented a feature that allows you to begin the race from a different position on the grid. This feature is known as the "Starting Row Mystery Box" and it will place you in a random row. You can access this feature through the Last Chance Performance Boosts section.