You may have noticed that when playing a race, you always start at the back of the grid.

We understand that this doesn't appeal to our most die hard MotoGP fans, and it's unrealistic to the normal Q1 Q2 RACE order of MotoGP.

There are a few reasons why our game deviates from MotoGP like this, based upon user testing and research, we found that when you start at the front of the grid, you often never see most of the pack and experience very little passing, which is one of the most exciting things about the race.

So, for the purposes of making the race experience itself more exciting and appealing, we start you at the back of the grid so you can feel the thrill of passing many opponents in your race.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Won't starting at the back just make placing in the race harder?"
Understanding the consequences of starting at the back of the grid, we have very carefully taken this into account. The difficulty of the race is specially balanced so that a very skilled player on a top bike will be able to get 1st place by the end of the race. Rookie bikes will generally perform like backmarker bikes, and Pro Riders like Rossi perform just like they do in MotoGP.

There are basically two ways to improve your placing in a race - practice to hit your brake and acceleration points with better accuracy, or upgrade the stats of your bike. Both will improve your placing results, but don't forget, the most important measure in this game is your Score.

For the die hard fans, we are also working hard on various ways to allow you to either start further up the grid or play a qualifying session to determine grid position.