Players often question the inclusion of a timer and checkpoints in our game, considering that MotoGP races do not utilize such features. The reason behind this decision is that playing a full-length, realistic race spanning 20+ laps would be too time-consuming for most players. Extensive research revealed that the majority of players (over 99%) experienced fatigue after playing for more than 5 laps in a single session. Consequently, we have set a maximum race length to accommodate this limitation.

Nonetheless, we aimed to provide players with a compact and engaging experience that doesn't require sustained focus for 5–10 minutes per race. We also wanted to offer the opportunity for players to extend their race time as they enhance their skills and upgrade their bike's stats, replicating the real-life impact of both factors on race performance.

To progress further in a race and reach the finish line, there are three essential actions you can take:

  1. Practice precision in hitting brake and acceleration markers.
  2. Upgrade your bike's stats.
  3. Purchase game boosters on the Last Performance Boost page. Specifically, the "Continue" boost which gives you an option to continue racing even after the time runs out. This feature allows players who prefer longer races to continue playing by sacrificing some coins. 

 It's important to note that in this game, you compete for points against other players rather than solely focusing on race position.