Many players are wondering why there's a timer and checkpoints, when MotoGP doesn't use anything like that.

The answer is that playing a 20+ lap race in realistic fashion is simply too long for most people. After several laps of play, our research showed that nearly everyone (over 99%) became fatigued when having to play more than 5 laps in a single session. For this reason, we limit the maximum race length to around this amount.

However, we also wanted to ensure that people can play a bite sized experience without having to engage in 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted focus per race, and we wanted to give players the ability to increase their race time as they improve their skill and bike stats.

In this way, both your skill and the stats of your bike affect your results, just like in real life.

There are three main things you can do that will help you get farther in a race and reach the end:
1. practice hitting your brake and accelerate markers more accurately.
2. upgrade your bike's stats.
3. use a "Continue" to keep going after time runs out. We added this feature to enable those who like playing longer races to keep going at the cost of some coins.

Don't forget - in this game you are competing for score against other players, not race position.

However, we are die hard MotoGP fans too and also want to let you experience a race in true MotoGP style without a timer or checkpoints. To that end, we are also working hard on creating some Tournaments (coming soon) that will allow you to participate in an entire race without a timer or checkpoints.