Please note that the game does not currently offer real-time multiplayer racing with friends. However, connecting with Facebook allows you to engage in friendly competition and compare compare your
scores on the leaderboards with your friends. To connect and play with your friends:

Connect your game to your Facebook account.

 The simplest way to invite friends is by logging in with your Facebook account. 
This will automatically display your friends who are also playing MotoGP Championship Quest.

Another way to find friends is sharing your secret code

Kindly follow these steps if you prefer secret codes to invite:

  1. Access the main menu :
    Within the main menu, look for the "FRIENDS" option and select it.

  2. Access the invite feature: 
    Within the Friends section, locate the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner. Press this button to access the invite feature.

    3. Share your secret code: 
    Share your unique secret code with your friends. This code will establish a connection between you and your friends in the game.

    4. Connect with friends:
    Your friends can enter the secret code to connect with you in the game, allowing you to invite them or race against them.