In order to win and use the MotoGP VideoPass we suggest you pre-register your email account at and register on the official web site. There are many benefits of doing this and you will keep up with all the news and events in MotoGP., not to mention that you will need to be registered in order to receive your prize.

If you win the MotoGP Video Pass Tournament you will win a season subscription to - this will allow you to watch all the races and highlights. This subscription has a retail value of USD$139. In order to claim your prize you will need to provide a valid email address you used to create your account on in order to activate your subscription.

You should contact us at to claim your prize. We will validate all claims with our game servers.

If you do not win consolation prizes are offered as follows

Next top 5 Racers will win 200 Diamonds

Next top 10 racers will win 100 Diamonds 

f you win a consolation prize you will be notified with an in app message and your account will immediately be credited.

If you feel that you have not been awarded your Coins then close the app and reopen it 

If you write to us and try and trick us into thinking you won, we will look up the computer server records and we will see if you are trying to be sneaky. If you are trying to be sneaky we reserver the right to delete your account for wasting our time. If you think this sounds harsh, it is. We have people trying the be sneaky all the time which wastes out time and to be honest it is a complete pain in the ass.