Remember that quitting a race means your progress in that specific race will not be saved. If you decide to quit, you need to start the race again.

The encircled visuals below shows a detailed guide on how you can " Exit / Quit" an ongoing race. 
Follow these steps: 

1. Pause the Game: Look for the pause button, it is located in the top right corner of the screen. Tap or click on it to pause the race.

2. Access the Menu: Once the game is paused, a menu will appear on the screen. Select "QUIT" . 
3. Confirm Your Decision: After selecting the quit option, a confirmation prompt will appear to ensure you want to exit the race. Read the prompt carefully and confirm your decision to quit the race.

Once you've confirmed your choice, the game will return you to the main menu or a designated screen where you can choose your next action.