You can acquire Braking and Acceleration boosts through the Last Performance boost Selection in the game. This feature allows you to choose and activate the desired boost before a race, giving you an advantage in specific aspects of your bike's performance.

  • Braking Boost
    The Braking boost is a power-up that enhances your bike's braking capabilities. When activated, it allows your bike to brake more effectively, enabling you to navigate corners with greater control and precision. This boost can help you achieve better lap times by optimizing your braking technique and improving your overall race performance.

  • Acceleration Boost
     The Acceleration boost is a power-up that boosts your bike's acceleration power. When activated, it provides a temporary increase in your bike's speed and acceleration, allowing you to quickly gain momentum and overtake opponents. This boost can be particularly useful on straightaways or when you need an extra burst of speed to make strategic moves during a race

    To give you a brief instruction, kindly watch the video below.