In this tournament, participants will be ranked globally based on their accumulated scores. Your scores from each race you enter will accumulate, and the player with the highest accumulated score will be the winner.

Tips and Guides: 

  • You will generally have the option to choose the track you want to compete on. Selecting a track where you excel can work to your advantage. If you wish to have more control over the track selection, you can use the "Track Select Mystery Box" in the "Last Chance Performance Boost Menu."
  • Sometimes, tournaments may be limited to a specific track, especially when special prizes like tickets to a specific race are involved. For example, if the prize is tickets to the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island, you will race on the Phillip Island track.
  • To improve your chances of achieving the highest score, it is recommended to practice increasing your combo and using Last Chance Performance Boosts like "Combo Insurance," which allows you to maintain your combo even if you miss a brake or acceleration marker.