This is the pinnacle of MotoGP Tournament Racing. To win this your highest score on every track will contribute to your total score. The player with the highest total score will win. You will see your rank on the global leader board and it will change dynamically as you post better scores on each track.

Why is this tournament so cool? Because you may be an expert at Missano and not so good in Qatar. Your expert performance on Missano (and other tracks) can compensate for other tracks where you are not so good. But if you want to really win, race and practice on each and every track.

The best way of improving your odds of achieving the highest possible score on every track is to practice getting your combo up so your score accelerates as fast as possible, and use those Last Chance Performance Boosts like "Combo Insurance" which means you don't have to start from zero if you miss a brake or acceleration marker.

Good Luck - Race to win with MotoGP.