The "score card" is a new feature for the 2017 season which records your best performances on each track you race. To fill up the score card you must have raced every track. This is your MotoGP Racing career defined in a single screen. To become a champion you must not only rank #1 on each track but come first in a race on each track. If you can do this you are a true world champion.

Lets take a look at the data in the score card. (Keep reading below the picture of the score card)

The first column is the Track you are racing, they are presented in the order of the 2017 MotoGP season. As you race each track you will being to fill in your career on each track.

The second column is your rank in the division you are racing. In this case I am competing in division 4 and I am ranked number 1 in this division on Qatar, Argentina, Austin, Jerez and Le Mans, mobile I am ranked 2nd at Mugello.

The next column gives me my highest score on that track, while the following column reminds me of which bike I was racing when I achieved that score.

You will see the next 3 columns are Overall Best Position. As I could be racing a Rookie Motorcycle, a Team Motorcycle or a Pro Rider Motorcycle, this column will tell me what my highest place finish was and what kind of Motorcycle I was competing with at the time.

Now we get into the detail of my performance. The Best Lap Time column records my best lap time on each track. You can compare this to the best lap time on each of the loading screens of each tracks where we list who holds the lap record in MotoGP racing.

My Max Speed records my fastest speed on that track. You may want to compare this to the telemetry data of the real MotoGP racers, you will find it is very close.

The COMBO column records my best combo on each track. As you can see I am not that great at keeping my COMBO up. Remember that the COMBO is the best way to optimize your score as it works as a multiplier of your score. Always use COMBO insurance in the Last Chance Performance Boosts to ensure that you do not waste a great COMBO if you happen to miss a brake or acceleration marker.

Finally the PERFECT column records how many times you hit the PERFECT brake or acceleration marker on each track. This is a real indicator of your skill.

Some of this data is locked. If you spend 70 diamonds you will not only unlock your Telemetry data, but you will be able to see everyone else's data when you click on their profile picture.