Exploring the Score Card Data

The score card is a feature introduced in the 2017 season, designed to track your best performances on each track you race. To complete the score card, you must race on every track. It serves as a comprehensive overview of your MotoGP Racing career.

Certain data in the score card is locked. However, by spending 70 diamonds, you can unlock your Telemetry data and gain access to others' data when clicking on their profile picture. 

Let's search through the details of the UNLOCKED scorecard. See below image:

Track Column: The first column displays the tracks in the order of the 2017 MotoGP season. As you race on each track, your career progress will be reflected.

Rank Column: The second column shows your rank in the division you are racing in. For instance, in Division 4, I am currently ranked number 1 in Qatar, Argentina, Austin, Jerez, and Le Mans, while holding the second position in Mugello.

Highest Score Column: This column indicates your highest score achieved on each track, accompanied by the bike you were using at that time.

  Overall Best Position Column:  
 The overall best position column represents your highest finishing position overall. Depending on the motorcycle you are racing (Rookie, Team, or Pro Rider), this column reveals your best result.


Telemetry: Personal Maximums 

Best Lap Time: This column records your personal best lap time on each track. You can compare it to the lap record holders mentioned on the loading screens for each track.

Max Speed: It displays your fastest speed attained on a particular track. Comparing it to the telemetry data of real MotoGP racers will demonstrate its closeness to reality.

COMBO: This column showcases your best combo achieved on each track. Maintaining a high COMBO is crucial for optimizing your score, as it acts as a score multiplier. Utilize COMBO insurance in the Last Chance Performance Boosts to ensure you don't lose a valuable COMBO due to missed brake or acceleration markers.

PERFECT: The PERFECT column reveals how many times you hit the PERFECT brake or acceleration marker on each track. It serves as a true indicator of your skill.