The score card serves as a comprehensive record of your performance on each track.
 To ensure all the data is captured, here are the requirements for specific information: 

  1. Best Overall Position: This will be displayed once you successfully finish a race on a track. It reflects your highest ranking on that particular track.

  2. Best Lap Time: This data will only appear if you have completed at least one lap on the track you are currently viewing. It represents your personal record for that track.

  3. Max Speed, Combo, and Perfects: These metrics will update dynamically as you improve your performance on any given track. However, for the data to be permanently recorded, it is recommended to finish a race on each track.

  4. Rank and Division: Your rank and division will automatically update based on your progress and performance in the game. The key to improving these aspects is to enhance your skills and upgrade your bike.

By meeting these requirements and actively participating in races, you can maximize the completeness of your score card and track your progress effectively. Keep pushing yourself to achieve better results and unleash your full potential in the game!