Various types of Coin Tournaments exist, such as those ranked by Accumulated Score, Best Circuit Score, Top Score, and more. It is important to check the specific tournament you are participating in to avoid any confusion with the tournament scorecard.

There are two categories: Rookie and Pro Rider Tournaments. Each category is exclusive to either Rookie bikes or Pro Riders. The amount of diamond reward and the type of scoring is displayed on the tournament screen. The prize breakdown for each category is as follows:

 Rookie Coin CLASS  Tournament: (Ranked by Accumulated Scores) 


  • The top 5 Racers win 25,000 Coins  
  • Racers ranked 6th to 10th will receive 18,000 Coins.
  • Racers ranked 6th to 10th will receive 12,000 Coins.
Pro Coin CIRCUIT  Tournament: ( Ranked by Best Circuit Scores)   
  • The top 5 Racers win 80,000 Coins  
  • Racers ranked 6th to 10th will receive 50,000 Coins.
  • Racers ranked 6th to 10th will receive 25,000 Coins.

Please note that you do not receive a prize by winning a single race.  These prizes will be granted to the winners based on their performance on the  Tournament Leaderboard after the Tournament timer expires. The winners will be notified with an in app message and your account will immediately be credited.

If you feel that your reward have not been awarded, try to close the app and reopen it. Reach out through our game support if the problem still arise or you need further assistance.

Please be aware that any attempts to mislead, cheat, or deceive regarding winning a prize will be subject to a thorough investigation. Our access to computer server records enables us to identify such behavior accurately. If it is determined that a fraudulent attempt has been made, we reserve the right to permanently delete the account. We understand that this may sound strict, but we frequently encounter individuals attempting deceptive practices, which we cannot tolerate.