There are two different CoinTournaments running at all times. A Rookie and Pro Rider Tournament.

This means one is only open to Rookie bikes, the other is only open to Pro Riders 

The number of Coins you win is listed on the screen in the tournament.

The prizes are as follows 


Top Racers win 25,000 Coins 

Next top 10 racers win 18,000 Coins

Next top 20 racers win 12,000 Coins


Top Racer wins 50,000 Coins 

Next top 3 Racers win 25,000 Coins

Next top 5 Racers win 18,000 Coins

If you win you will be notified with an in app message and your account will immediately be credited.

If you feel that you have not been awarded your Coins then close the app and reopen it 

If you write to us and try and trick us into thinking you won, we will look up the computer server records and we will see if you are trying to be sneaky. If you are trying to be sneaky we reserver the right to delete your account for wasting our time. If you think this sounds harsh, it is. We have people trying the be sneaky all the time which wastes out time and to be honest it is a complete pain in the ass.