The choice of motorcycle category depends on your preferences, gameplay goals, and the level of immersion you desire in the MotoGP racing experience. The players should consider the performance and affordability of the bike in seeking progression and bike upgrades.

Explore the list of motorcycle categories where you can choose from. Each category offers unique advantages and gameplay opportunities and explains why Pro rider is the top tier among them:

  • Rookie Bikes:
    Rookie bikes are the entry-level option in MotoGP Racing. They offer a starting point for players, providing basic performance stats. While they may not match the capabilities of Team or Pro Rider bikes, they still serve as a stepping stone for gameplay progression.

  • Team Bikes:
    Team bikes serve as a step up from Rookie bikes. They possess better starting stats and can be upgraded to enhance their performance. When you purchase a Team bike, you also gain the sponsorship of the corresponding team, which provides better payment opportunities compared to Rookie bike sponsorships. Additionally, two upgradeable team staff members are unlocked and activated upon acquiring a Team bike.

  • Pro Rider Bikes:
    Choosing a Pro Rider bike grants you access to the highest performing tier in the game. These bikes represent the actual motorcycles used by professional MotoGP riders like Marc Marquez. As a result, Pro Rider bikes offer superior performance and can be upgraded even further than other categories. The sponsorship deals available for Pro Rider bikes are highly lucrative, and you'll have all four upgradeable team staff members automatically unlocked and activated. Furthermore, participating in the Fan World Championship is exclusive to Pro Riders.