Starting with a Rookie bike sets the foundation for your journey in MotoGP Racing, enabling you to gradually advance through sponsorships, upgrades, and higher-level bikes. It simulates the real-world experience of aspiring riders and adds a sense of realism and progression to your gameplay. Here's a detailed explanation on why you start with a Rookie bike:

  • Working Your Way Up: Just like actual MotoGP riders, you begin your journey in the game by starting at the entry level. This mirrors the process of working your way up through the ranks in the MotoGP world. Starting with a plain bike allows you to experience the growth and development of your racing career.

  • Introduction to Sponsorship: As you progress, the game introduces you to sponsors who are interested in having their logos on your bike. Sponsorship plays a vital role in motorsports, including MotoGP, as it provides the necessary commercial support for the sport. By representing sponsors on your bike, you earn valuable in-game coins that can be used for upgrades and other in-game items.

  • Advancing to Higher Bike Categories: While starting with a Rookie bike, you have the opportunity to progress to more advanced bike categories. Acquiring a sponsored bike from MotoGP teams or becoming a Pro Rider allows you to enhance your gameplay experience and race as your favorite MotoGP rider. Racing as your favorite rider directly contributes to their success in the Fan World Championship, adding a sense of personal connection and immersion.