The Last Performance Boosts consist of the following options:


  1. Acceleration Boost: Improves your bike's acceleration, giving you a speed advantage. 
  2. Braking Boost: Enhances your bike's braking ability for improved race performance.
  3. Continue: Allows you to continue the race with extra time, as the timer pauses until you reach the checkpoint.
  4. 30 Combo Shield: Protects your combo from dropping below 30 combo after commiting one mistake.
  5. 20 Combo Shield:  Protects your combo from dropping below 20 combo after commiting one mistake. 
  6. Perfect Score 10% More: Grants you a 10% bonus for every perfect hit you achieved. 
  7. (2x) Race Start Accuracy: Doubles your timing accuracy at the race start, increasing the likelihood of a perfect start.
  8. Perfect Start Earns 12 Combo :  If you achieve a perfect start, your combo will instantly jump to 12 combo
  9.  Perfect Start Earns 20 Combo : If you achieve a perfect start, your combo will instantly jump to 20 combo
  10.  Combo Insurance: designed to protect your score and prevent the loss of combo. Can only be used to prevent one mistake 
  11. , 13 & 14 - Big Mystery Box , Mystery Box and Diamond Mystery Box (consecutively): Contains random boosts but the Big mystery box and Diamond Mystery box has greater chance of getting the premium performance boost.
  12.  Starting Row Mystery Box :  this feature allows you to begin the race from a random position on the grid. 
    15-16. Wager Boost : by using a wager boost, you can increase the number of coins or points you receive when successfully completing a race or achieving specific goals . (This was fully explained in a separate FAQs named "Wager Boost".
    17. More Time at Race Start: Provides additional time at the beginning of the race.