When we made MotoGP Championship Quest we wanted to make the game as  “accessible” for everyone regardless of whether you are a hard core gamer or a  casual player.  Have you ever noticed in other motorcycle racing games the rider flapping from side to  side as you struggle to keep the bike on the track? 

Unlike car racing games, when you  make a turn on a motorcycle the bike leans from side to side an effect which is very  obvious.  When we brought our customers into the studio and asked them what they liked and hated about motorcycle racing games – they all said they struggled with the steering  and that this really detracted from their level of enjoyment, so much so that they  eventually abandoned the game as it was too hard to master.

Games are about having fun and enjoyment – not frustration and exasperation. So we  decided to focus on the two things that really, at the end of the day, make the most  difference in the racing environment – braking into and accelerating out of corners.  

Ask any racer – they will tell you that this is the most important aspect of racing, hitting  the right brake timing and being able to get as much power to the ground as you need  getting out of the corner.  It’s all about timing, bravery and taking calculated risk.  

If you miss being able to steer the bike, we’re sorry. However we are happy that at least  you will be able to play this game with your friends who perhaps aren’t as good at it as you. If you have any feedback – please let me know.