Hi my name is Graeme Warring I am one of the founders of WePlay Media the company that made the MotoGP Racing App.

I love motorcycles, I love MotoGP, I love going fast and I love making our customers happy.

I really hope you enjoy this game. Some people will complain that some of the upgrades are easiest to acquire by paying money in the App Store. Some people will complain that we got rid of steering. 

However some people understand that an app like this costs over USD$2,000,000 to make and give away for free. Some people understand that the only way we make money is to produce something which is really cool and gives you a great experience which can be enhanced if you just pay a bit of money through the App Store. Some people understand that this is the "business model" not some greedy attempt to grab your cash. Some people understand that this is the only app we know of where we get authentic MotoGP stuff and give it away to the fans.

I hope you are one of the people who understands however if you have anything to share with me good or bad, feel free to email me a fans@championshipquest.com or you can Tweet me directly @graemewarring 

Thanks for playing, please leave us a great review on the App Store and Please tell you friends. 


this is a picture of me.