In case you didn’t read our post on “Why No Steering” then let us explain.  When we design a game we bring our customers to the studio and we spend time getting to know them, what they like and what they don’t like. They told us loud and clear that steering was the number one thing they didn’t like – so we decided to focus on braking and accelerating as the timing of both of these is incredibly important to the success of a rider in a race.

We found this quote in an interesting piece of research; we think this will help you  understand why we focused on braking and accelerating as we have.  Among pilots and race engineers it is common opinion that the braking  phase is the most critical and sensitive maneuver. The ability of a driver to  achieve an ‘‘optimal braking’’ can make the difference on the lap-time.  Even few milliseconds per braking hence can be crucial. In this work,  optimality simply means minimum time to decelerate the motorbike from the initial speed to a target speed  

So when you see a MotoGP race and there are say 10 seconds separating the winner from the 3rd place rider, think that all they had to do was drop ½ a second per lap over  20 laps and suddenly they are 10 seconds behind.  Losing half a second happens in the blink of an eye or the momentary squeeze of a brake a the wrong time.  MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing and the riders ability to accurately and bravely enter a corner hard under brakes is the thing that wins and loses the race.  Now you know why we focus so much on braking and accelerating.