If you missed our previous explanation on "Why No Steering," here is a recap.
Through interactions with players, we discovered that steering was the aspect they disliked the most. Consequently, we chose to prioritize braking and accelerating, as their timing plays a vital role in a rider's race performance.

To reinforce our decision, we came across a fascinating quote from a reputable research, highlighting the critical nature of optimal braking and its impact on lap times. Even a few milliseconds saved per braking maneuver can make a substantial difference. By prioritizing braking and accelerating, we aim to simulate the essence of this research.

In a MotoGP race, where there may be a ten-second gap between the winner and the third-place rider, it's important to note that this difference can be attributed to dropping as little as half a second per lap over twenty laps. Losing half a second can occur in an instant due to a mistimed brake squeeze. In MotoGP, renowned for being the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, a rider's ability to bravely and precisely navigate corners during braking determines the race's outcome. Understanding the reasoning behind our emphasis on braking and accelerating allows you to appreciate the significance of these aspects in the game.