Why should I connect with Facebook

Connecting with Facebook is the best way for you to really get the most out of your experience with MotoGP Championship Quest

First, when you connect with Facebook you can play the game across many devices, for example you can play a game on your Android phone on the way to work then use your iPad while you are laying on the sofa. Once you log in with Facebook you can use the app across all devices and platforms.

The next great benefit is that you won't appear as Guest 292929, instead people will see your name and profile picture. This is one of the most requested options our customers ask for … how to I change from guest48484 … simple Log in with Facebook

Racing on your own is great, beating your friends is better. When you connect with Facebook you can send challenges to your friends, can they beat your high score?

To reward you for connecting with Facebook your “sponsor” will also pay you a Facebook connection bonus in coins each time you race. Collecting coins is how you upgrade your bike and team, so connecting with Facebook makes sense if you want to progress quickly.

Finally, when you connect with Facebook you can share your new Race Results screen with your mates. This new feature for the 2017 season keeps track of your best performances on each track you race. It records your high score, best lap time, highest combo, what rank you are on each track, your best finishing position and what bike you were riding when you did it.

You can also see other people’s Race Results screen just by tapping their profile button. You can see how well they are doing on each track, which is great if you want to challenge them