Connect with Facebook today and unlock an array of exclusive benefits and level up your experience. Embrace the thrilling world of MotoGP like never before. Here are some of the "Facebook connect Exculusives" : 

  1. Seamless Multi-Device Gameplay: 
    By linking your Facebook account, you can enjoy the game across multiple devices. Whether you're commuting with your Android phone or lounging on the sofa with your iPad, your progress seamlessly syncs across platforms, offering uninterrupted gameplay.

  2. Personalize Your Identity: 
    Bid farewell to generic guest names like Guest 292929. Connect with Facebook to showcase your true identity with your own name and profile picture. Say goodbye to anonymity and let your presence shine.

  3. Challenge Your Friends:
    While racing solo is exhilarating, defeating your friends adds another level of excitement. When connected with Facebook, you can send challenges to your friends, pushing them to beat your high score. Unleash your competitive spirit and see who reigns supreme.

  4. Earn Facebook Connection Bonuses: 
    As a token of appreciation for connecting with Facebook, your "sponsor" rewards you with a Facebook connection bonus in the form of coins every time you race. Coins are crucial for upgrading your bike and team, enabling swift progress in the game. Maximize your potential by embracing this rewarding opportunity.

  5. Share Your Triumphs: 
    With Facebook integration, you can proudly share your Race Results screen with your friends. This exciting feature introduced in the 2017 season captures your finest moments on each track. From high scores and best lap times to highest combos, rankings, and bike information, it serves as a testament to your accomplishments.

  6.  Explore Competitors' Performance:
    Tap into the profiles of other players to dive into their Race Results screen. Witness their achievements, rankings, and progress on each track. This valuable insight allows you to gauge their skills and provides an opportunity to challenge and surpass them.