Just like in real motorsport where television broadcasts advertisements  who enable you to watch it for free , MotoGP Championship games also generate revenue for the developers and publishers through this Ads. By including ads, the game can be offered to players for free, allowing them to enjoy the game without any upfront cost. The revenue generated from the ads helps cover the expenses of developing and maintaining the game, as well as supporting ongoing updates and new content.

As for the inability to see any ads, there could be a few reasons for this. One possibility is that there might not be any ads available to serve in your specific region at that particular time. Ad availability can vary based on geographic location and other factors. This situation is usually temporary, and ads should become available again within a few hours or so.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that when you interact with ads or visit third-party sites through the game, any charges or obligations you incur during those interactions are your own responsibility.   WePlay Media is in no way endorsing or providing any guarantee as to the content, goods, or services provided by these third party sites. We have no control over these entities and are not responsible for their practices or dealings.