In MotoGP Championship Quest, playing and winning can be done without paying.  We understand and appreciate that our customers value the experiences and entertainment we provide. By supporting the game through in-app purchases, you not only enhance your own gameplay experience but also contribute to the continuous improvement and sustainability of MotoGP Championship Quest.

Acquiring a ride on a Team bike does require payment.  You may wonder why this is the case. Here's the honest truth:

  1. Sustaining the Game: We need to generate revenue to support the development and maintenance of the game. The funds we receive are used to compensate our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to create and improve the game, cover the expenses of servers hosting the game and its data, obtain the necessary licensing rights to develop the game, and create new content and organize tournaments. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting "Road 2 Recovery," a charitable organization that provides financial assistance to athletes who have experienced career-ending injuries.

  2. Value and Enjoyment: We strive to deliver value to our players, ensuring that the countless hours of enjoyment you derive from playing the game with your friends are worthwhile. The small in-app purchases we offer represent exceptional value for the extensive development effort and resources invested in creating a game that can provide you with countless hours of entertainment.