You don’t have to pay to play and win in MotoGP Championship Quest. Rookie bikes only cost a small amount of Coins, and you start the game with enough Coins to buy one. However if you want to  get a ride on a Team bike then you have got to pay.  Why? I hear you ask…. The real honest truth is that we have to make money. What do  we do with the money? We pay the staff who labor away to make the game you enjoy,  we pay for the servers which host the game and the data, we pay for the license fee to  be able to make the game, we pay for new content to be made, for tournaments to be  run and we support a very worthy cause “Road 2 Recovery” which provides financial support to athletes who have suffered career ending injury.

In every case we try and deliver value to you so you can enjoy the game we have spent millions of dollars and 2 years making. We know that our customers appreciate this and  for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment you can get from playing this game with your friends, the small in app purchases represent outstanding value for money.