If you haven't read my previous post on "Why do I have to pay for a team bike?", let me explain why you need to pay to race as your favorite rider. The primary reason is that we need to generate revenue to support the ongoing development and operation of the game. Here's how your payment contributes:

  • Sustaining the Game: Your payment helps us cover various expenses, such as compensating our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to create and enhance the game, maintaining the servers that host the game and its data, obtaining the necessary licensing rights to feature the favorite riders, creating new content, organizing tournaments, and even producing and shipping trophies for the winners of the Fan World Championship.

  • Supporting a Worthy Cause: We also allocate a portion of the proceeds to "Road 2 Recovery," a commendable organization that provides financial support to athletes who have suffered career-ending injuries. By paying to race as your favorite rider, you indirectly contribute to this noble cause.

  • Value and Enjoyment: We always strive to deliver exceptional value to our players. The small in-app purchases we offer represent outstanding value for the countless hours of enjoyment and entertainment you can experience while playing the game with your friends. Your support through these purchases directly helps us continue improving and expanding the game, ensuring that you have an immersive and satisfying gameplay experience.

We genuinely appreciate your understanding and support. If you have any further feedback or thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at graeme@weplay.media. Your feedback is highly valued as we continuously strive to create a game that meets the expectations and desires of our passionate players.