The Fan World Championship (FWC) is an annual competition consisting of weekly rounds. Participation in FWC races is open to all players who have acquired or purchased a pro rider or their favorite pro-character. Unlike a popularity contest, the FWC focuses on fan engagement and is not solely based on the popularity of riders like Valentino Rossi.

To win the FWC, you need to actively participate in races and strive for the highest score on each track in every round. The fan whose rider achieves the highest score on every track becomes the weekly FWC winner. Second and third place are awarded to the fans with the second and third highest scores respectively.

To win the overall FWC for the season, your goal is to attain the highest score on every track throughout the year. The fan with the highest cumulative score on every track at the end of the year will be crowned the MotoGP Fan World Championship winner.