The Fan World Championship is a real competition, which runs over the course of a calendar year. Each week represents 1 round in the FWC.  The FWC is all about the fans. Every player of MotoGP Championship Quest, who elects to race as his or her favorite rider, is automatically entered into the FWC. You do  not have to do anything to enter other than purchase your favorite riders character.  The FWC is not a popularity contest; if it were it is likely that Valentino Rossi would win every round such is his global appeal and the legacy of a 20 year career.  Instead we focus on fan engagement so it is important you understand how it works.  


Score the highest possible score 

Who ever has the highest score on every track is the winner, which ever MotoGP rider they are racing for is the winner of the FWC

The next MotoGP rider with the fan with the second highest score is second, and the next MotoGP rider with the highest scoring fan is third.

It is very simple. If you want to win get the highest possible score on every single track in every round.

At the end of the year which ever fan has the highest score on every track .... they win the 2017 MotoGP Fan World Championship